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National Coordinator

We are excited about the vision the Lord has been working in CDF USA recently! He is divinely shifting CDF USA from merely being a Christian dance/movement organization, to becoming a national and globally reaching agent that empowers believers with physical and spiritual ministry skills, disciples peoples and nations to Jesus, and prepares His Bride for the 2nd coming of Christ! This shift is requiring us to become believers who are desperate for His presence, continually transformed into the image of Jesus, carriers of His light & glory, empowered with signs & wonders, agents of the gospel message, and facilitators of reconciliation in the earth.

God's desire is to anoint us with a prophetic spirit upon our ministry gifts and propel us into leading the "last great harvest of souls" before the 2nd coming of Christ. This necessitates that we rise up with a forerunner spirit and be active in evangelism, serving the poor/needy, and local/world missions through our various ministry gifts. The Lord Himself is fulfilling this mandate through us as we focus on consecrated prayer, relational unity, and fulfilling our roles as priests of His Kingdom!

We would love to have YOU as part of our fellowship of dancers, intercessors, and worshipers of our Almighty God!!!

In His Service,
Dawn Churchill
National Coordinator

   Volunteer Opportunities   

photo credits: Rejoice Dance Team of Cornerstone Church
Outreach - Education
Individuals who are interested in evangelism and furthering the Kingdom of God through the use of the allied movement arts. Visit our pages to discover more about the Fellowship, Christian dance and the movement arts.

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  • Members ONLY
    Monthly PRAYER Conference Call - every 3rd Monday. 8PM CST/9PM EST/6PM PST/7PM MST

  • CDFUSA Beliefs
    As an affiliate of the ICDF [International Christian Dance Fellowship], CDFUSA affirms the major creeds of the Christian church, basing faith and doctrines on the Bible. The Fellowship seeks to honor Jesus in all its activities and to help build unity in the body of Christ.

  • CDF-USA Aims
    . We encourage excellence, depth and leadership in dance and the allied movement art ministries;
    . Exchange of communication and support with other dance / arts organizations;
    . Provide national networking, vision and resources for individuals in the dance or allied movement arts;
    . Promote understanding and appreciation of different styles of worship;
    . Promote understanding and appreciation of both the amateur and professional movement artist;
    . Work towards healing and unity in the Body of Christ;
    . Encourage the use of dance and the allied movement arts for evangelism and to further the Kingdom of God.

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